About Us

Gro started operations as India’s first and only bicycle subscriptions service. Aimed to solve a few friction points such as high upfront cost, burden of maintenance, worry of resale once kid outgrows and underlying sustainability impact.


A right sized bicycle can outlast a human lifespan when maintained well. However, a growing child needs a new size every 12 to 15 months. Giving them the right sized cycle makes the whole experience effortless and delightful. Our cycles are fully specced for comfort, safety and visual appeal making them delightful to own and ride. Gro is good for the planet. While regular bicycles live a 2-year life span. Gro’s model is crafted to keep the bicycles active for about 10 years. In this manner, bicycles deliver 5X value.


Bicycles are our first offering. It is also one of the first of the kid’s ‘toys’ that is not just a toy but a means to new freedom. Freedom discovered through speed, agility and learning of various motor skills. There are no parents who would not want their kids to learn this important skill. They may be protective about their kids swimming or skating but cycling remains a universally encouraged activity.


While the bicycle subscription is a start, GRO is in the business of delivering experiences that reduce the burden of parenting.