Frequently Asked Questions

About Subscriptions

What is Gro Subscription?
How does Gro Subscription work?
What do I need to pay to get the bicycle?
Is there a minimum period of Subscription?
How can I cancel my subscription?
What are the benefits of a subscription?
Why can’t I just buy a bicycle instead?
Is it like renting a bicycle?
What if I decide to cancel my subscription?
What happens when I’m done with my subscription?

Upgrade as they GROw

What do you mean by “Upgrade as they GROw”?
Adults / grown Ups

About Bicycles

When I subscribe, will I get a new cycle?
How much are these cycles worth?
Do I own the cycle I subscribe to?
What about the quality of the cycle?
What accessories will I get along with my cycle?
Can I install my own accessories?
What if there are Pre- Existing Issues with the cycle?
Is the cycle insured?
What condition do I have to return the cycle?
What happens when there is a cycling accident?

Pricing and Payments

How does subscription payment work?
What is the settlement charge?
What happens if the cycle is stolen?

Bicycle usage and Maintenance

What do you mean by Life Time Warranty?
Free Doorstep Maintenance
What is Repair Service?
I met with an accident? Will the cycle be repaired for free?
Who takes care of the wear and tear or the hitches in the cycle?
Can I share my cycle with someone else?
Is the transfer of ownership allowed?
How will the delivery and installation happen?
How long will it take to get the cycle?
What if I want to cancel the booking after payment?
When you change the city, what are the steps?