Frequently Asked Questions

About Subscription

Kids grow up too fast. Gro is a bicycle on subscription service tailor-made for kids which you exchange as they grow. When you subscribe, you own the bicycles for the subscription period without purchasing them. You get a brand new bicycle, lifetime free warranty on mechanical parts(list). We provide repair and maintenance support at your doorstep.
It is simple,
● You Choose a bicycle of your choice.
● Choose Tenure and Subscribe. ( GPay, UPI, Credit card, Netbanking, we accept it all)
● We will deliver the bicycle to your doorstep.
● Gro Offers 1 free service ( complete overhaul) every six months.
● Gro Bicycles come with a lifetime warranty on Mechanical parts ( List). Offers doorstep maintenance and service.
● Monthly subscription of the bicycle X 12 months. It adds up to ~30% of the bicycle retail price.
● Please note, the subscription is activated only on the successful delivery of the cycles. delivery of the bicycles.
Yes, Gro offers 2 Subscription plans
● 12 months
● 18 months
● We give you an option to buy them anytime.
You will not have an option to cancel the subscription till the end of the subscription cycle you have chosen. But if you are not happy with the quality of the bicycles, you can return the bicycle within 5 days of delivery (Please Refer: Return Policy)
● Option of a free upgrade to a new bicycle
● Lifetime warranty on mechanical parts
● Doorstep delivery
● Doorstep maintenance and repair.
● 77% Saving when compared to buying
● Premium cycles, hassle-free ownership.
12 months is the minimum subscription period. There will be no option to cancel the subscription midway.

Free Upgrades

Kids Outgrow their bicycles very quickly. With a Gro subscription, you can exchange your kid's bicycle every 12 months. So, your kid always has a bicycle of the right size.
With Gro, adults can have a hassle-free bicycle ownership experience. We provide a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts (list) and doorstep repair service (T&C). We provide an option to upgrade to a new bicycle every 12 months.

About Bicycles

YES! It’s a brand new cycle. MRP and cycle specifications you can check on the product detail page of the model you are choosing.
Gro cycles are premium cycles. Each model’s MRP is mentioned on the product detail page.
Absolutely. As a Gro Club subscriber, it is like your cycle you can do literally whatever you want with it and you will enjoy the benefits of owning the bicycle stress-free without actually buying it.
Gro Cycles are designed in France. These cycles are tough and aesthetically designed to last really long. We are transparent about the quality of cycles we provide, please go to the model you are interested in and you will find all the details on the same page.
Gro cycles do not come with any extra accessories. Subscribers are free to buy any accessories from the market and install it on the bicycle they are subscribing to.
Yes of course, you can. It is your cycle!
If you are not impressed with the cycles we provide, you can return them within 5 days of delivery. Your cycle comes with a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts (list) which means faulty mechanical parts will be replaced free of charge.
Unfortunately, insurance companies do not provide insurance for bicycles. Since we are providing 100% ownership to the cycle subscribers, we expect our subscribers to take care of the cycles as their own.
We understand that cycles are ridden outdoors. Scratches, some permissible wear and tears are okay. Deliberately damaging the cycle is not acceptable.
In case of accidents, subscribers are liable for the damages and a settlement charge will be applicable.

Pricing and Payments

There are no criteria, you have to be based out of the locations where the subscription is available.
Since Gro only accepts digital payments, the following are the options for payment
● Gpay
● Netbanking
● Credit/Debit card
It’s simple,
● Choose your cycle.
● Choose the preferred subscription tenure.
● We provide you with a payment link on which you have to fill in details and pay. Your subscription payments will be auto-debited from your accounts every month.
In case of theft, physical damage due to accident, mishandling of the cycles then subscribers are liable for the loss. In the case Gro is not able to recover the cycle in working condition with no severe damages, Gro Subscriber is liable to pay 100% of the MRP. At the same time, we want to be fair to our subscribers. w.r.t we will consider the subscriptions paid as part of the liability and recover the difference.
Settlement Charge = 100% of MRP - Total Subscriptions paid
As an added benefit if the consumer wishes to continue with subscription after settlement charge. We will give them a 30% discount on a continued subscription.
If you lose the cycle settlement charge will apply.

Bicycle usage and Maintenance

Yes. Gro Bicycles come with a lifetime warranty(List). If there is a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced or repaired free of cost.
Doorstep service requests are offered free of cost during the subscription tenure. These services includes :
● Free Mechanical Component maintenance
● Periodic lubrication
● Tire replacement (Payable, if required)
● Brake Pad Replacement (Part Chargeable)
For any breakdown or issues caused due to daily usage. It could be a puncture, screw which has loosened, lubrication, chain link that has come off. Minor issues like this we expect our subscribers to take care. In-case if the subscriber is not able to take care of such minor issues then we offer a paid doorstep service at a minimum service fee of Rs 299.
Also In the following cases,
● Damages caused due to accidents.
● Damages caused due to mishandling of the cycles
● Deliberate Damages
● Damages caused due to cycles used in extreme circumstances
It will be corrective maintenance and repair/replacement work would be carried out at the subscriber's cost. Following are some instances under which MAINTENANCE doesn’t cover the mechanical components.
No. It will be repaired under corrective maintenance on a chargeable basis. In case the cycle is in a condition that it cannot be repaired then settlement charges are applicable.
It’s on us. It is covered under Maintenance ( List).
We expect the subscriber to have the ownership of the bicycle. If the subscriber decides to share the bicycle with his/her peers then it will be at the subscriber’s own risk.
Yes. You can transfer the ownership to another party with valid credentials at ZERO cost.
Brand new, fully assembled, tuned to perfection bicycles will be delivered to your doorstep.
On subscribing. You will receive your cycle in one week.
You are free to cancel the subscription before or within 5 days of cycle delivery.
Subscriber can return the bicycle or has an option to buy it.