How Gro Club Works

Welcome to Gro Club, a place where we're making life easier for parents and more fun for kids! We understand that kids grow fast, and constantly buying new bicycles that they quickly outgrow can be costly and wasteful. That's why we've created a new way for your child to always have the right-sized bicycle without the need to constantly buy new ones.

With Gro Club, every time you subscribe, you get a brand new bicycle. And when your child outgrows their bicycle, you simply return it and we provide a brand new, larger one. The returned bicycles aren't wasted either. They go through a process of regeneration where the frame is reused to create a brand new bicycle.

This way, you're not only ensuring your child always has a bicycle that's the right size, but you're also doing your bit for the planet by reducing waste and promoting reuse.

Here's how it Works


Choose Your Product

Browse our wide range of brand-new, high-quality items suitable for different age groups. The subscription tenure is dependent on the product you select.

For example, bicycles have an 18-month tenure. 🚴‍♂️


Choose Your Payment Mode

The subscription fee is collected upfront. However, if you prefer to pay monthly, you can select from various No Cost EMI options available on our website. 💳

EMI available via credit cards and AXIO.


Complete your Order

Hit that order button and give yourself a high-five! You’re making a smart, sustainable choice that’s good for the planet and your wallet. 😎

Feel great about your eco-friendly decision!


Delivered to Your Doorstep

Your item will be delivered soon! If, for any reason, you have second thoughts, you have 5 days to return the product for a refund. But trust us, you won't want to! 📦

Stress-free shopping


Hassle-Free Ownership

Ride, roll, or stroll with peace of mind. Enjoy your responsible purchase with the convenience of doorstep service and a warranty on all mechanical parts throughout the entire subscription period. 🛠️

Free Doorstep Service & Repairs


Upgrade as They Grow

"Kids grow fast! Return the old item and upgrade anytime. You'll get the balance of your subscription as store credit for the new item. Simple and transparent. Remember, we expect our items to be used and loved, so don't worry about normal wear and tear. 🌱

Love it and can't part with it? Here's the surprise: it's yours to keep!🎉"


"#OwnResponsibly means making a responsible, eco-friendly decision. Save money, reduce waste and carbon emissions by upgrading through Gro Club subscriptions instead of frequently buying new products as your child grows. Our flexible ownership model ensures your child always has the perfect product. 🌍"

Bonus: Refer and Earn

At Gro Club, we believe that sharing is caring! That's why we've created a referral program that rewards our loyal customers with exclusive benefits. Here's how it works:

1. Share your unique discount code with your friends, family, or colleagues.
2. They'll receive an instant discount of ₹250 on their first purchase at Gro Club.
3. For every friend that makes a purchase using your code, you'll receive 50 Gro Coins, which is equivalent to ₹250.
4. You can use your Gro Coins to purchase anything on our website, or even get your next subscription for free!

It's that simple! Not only do you get to share the joy of Gro Club with your loved ones, but you also get rewarded for doing so. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing your unique code and start saving with Gro Club!

Learn more about our referral program