Voyager Booster pack Gro
Voyager Booster pack Gro

Voyager Booster pack

Rs. 3,000.00 Rs. 1,000.00

Voyager Booster pack

Adding a booster pack is the easiest way to extend your Gro subscription. We have carefully designed the pack to be the most economical way for our subscribers to enjoy extended benefits. These boosters are also limited to just a 6-month extension to make sure that our young friends have it timed right for an upgrade to the Gro Explorer when ready. All our booster packs ensure you continue to enjoy all the services that come with any of our subscriptions - Doorstep servicing, warranties and access to a host of accessories to go with your Voyager.

Choose Color: All Color

All Color

Tenure: 6 Months

6 Months
12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gro Subscription?

Kids grow up too fast. Gro is a bicycle on subscription service tailor-made for kids which you exchange as they grow. When you subscribe, you own the bicycles for the subscription period without purchasing them. You get a brand new bicycle, lifetime free warranty on mechanical parts(list). We provide repair and maintenance support at your doorstep.

How does Gro Subscription work?

It is simple,

● You Choose a bicycle of your choice.
● Choose Tenure and Subscribe. ( GPay, UPI, Credit card, Netbanking, we accept it all)
● We will deliver the bicycle to your doorstep.
● Gro Offers 1 free service ( complete overhaul) every six months.
● Gro Bicycles come with a lifetime warranty on Mechanical parts ( List). Offers doorstep maintenance and service.

What do i need to pay to get the bicycle?

● Monthly subscription of the bicycle X 12 months. It adds up to ~30% of the bicycle retail price.
● Please note, the subscription is activated only on the successful delivery of the cycles. delivery of the bicycles.

Is there a minimum period of Subscription?

Yes, Gro offers 2 Subscription plans

● 12 months
● 18 months● We give you an option to buy them anytime.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

You will not have an option to cancel the subscription till the end of the subscription cycle you have chosen. But if you are not happy with the quality of the bicycles, you can return the bicycle within 5 days of delivery (Please Refer: Return Policy)

What are the benefits of the Subscription?

● Option of a free upgrade to a new bicycle
● Lifetime warranty on mechanical parts
● Doorstep delivery
● Doorstep maintenance and repair.
● 77% Saving when compared to buying
● Premium cycles, hassle-free ownership.

What if I decide to cancel my Subscription?

12 months is the minimum subscription period. There will be no option to cancel the subscription midway.

What do you mean by lifetime warranty?

Yes. Gro Bicycles come with a lifetime warranty(List). If there is a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced or repaired free of cost.

Free Doorstep Maintenace

Doorstep service requests are offered free of cost during the subscription tenure. These services includes :

● Free Mechanical Component maintenance
● Periodic lubrication
● Tire replacement (Payable, if required)
● Brake Pad Replacement (Part Chargeable)