Why Bengaluru Loves Gro Club

Why Bengaluru Loves Gro Club


The Bengaluru way of living comprises cars, breaking the rules on scooties, booking ubers and chasing after autos. The kids of Bengaluru are already ten steps ahead than they were a decade ago. Like every other adult, we tut and say, “Smartphones and Social Media have robbed kids of their childhood.”

On top of this, what is the best part of this city? The traffic.

So, that brings us to the question…

How is a city as fast-paced as Bengaluru beginning to love the idea of cycling its way around? Read further to find the reasons.


In a city with a high standard of living, people look for less expensive and economical alternatives in terms of food, rent, transit, etc.

Here’s where Gro Club comes into play. Kids can subscribe to a bicycle through Gro Club and upgrade it as they grow! Hence, it helps you save, at the same time enjoy cycling without any hiccups.

“So in the four years we have picked up 3 to 4 bicycles and he has outgrown them and then it goes for a waste as I’ll have to pass it on or it’s there in the junk. So that’s when we came across Gro Club and this is on subscription and you can even upgrade it as and when the kids grow. That’s why we chose Gro Club.”

— Sunaina Saragod

Gro Club offers bicycles that are brand new, of the highest quality, constructed with safety in mind, and come in eye-catching colours that kids adore. We also have all the modern amenities that youngsters need.

Hence, it is a no-brainer that Gro Club gives the most hassle-free ownership of bikes for adults and kids.

Our models are specifically designed to provide freedom, savings, and a high-quality cycling experience.


Most people believe this IT capital is flimsy in upholding its moniker as “The Garden City.”

But that isn’t the case. Bengaluru is full of people who care deeply for the environment and those who crave adrenaline from their typical, monotonous routines.

In contrast, research comparing Bengaluru to Mumbai on four criteria — economic, social, environmental, and governance — shows that Namma Bengaluru is far more sustainable in its way of living!

"My son who’s just 5 years old now, so since he was 3, we have been wanting to get him a cycle and every year if we have to buy one, in the market it was about Rs. 6,500–7000 for a cycle and as you know children outgrow their cycles maybe every year and we have to invest Rs. 6,500–7,000 every year on him well as compared to Gro Club, where I can get it at Rs. 3,000–3,500 so it is so cost effective and also it helps us reduce wastage and we can own it for 15 months so I think that is the main reason why I chose Gro Club.”

— Savita Raman

Ganesh A Kamath, a Bengalurian with environmental-friendly views, commends Gro Club’s sustainable services stating:

“The best part I liked about GRO is the customer centric nature & the inclination towards protecting the ecology! This for me was the main reason for opting GRO. The products we buy must be sustainable & we must ensure that we don’t harm the ecology in any way. This is my way of thinking & I am glad to be a part of an organisation which is at par with my views.”

To keep it short, Gro Club believes in the idea of conservation and sustainability.

Gro Club proves to live up to its claim of ‘zero-wastage’ amongst the people of Bengaluru. It’s all about Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.


Like any other metropolitan city in India, Bengaluru has been living a sedentary lifestyle for far too long. Not to mention, the kids with their phones these days…

According to the most recent data from the Karnataka Health Ministry, diabetes and high blood pressure affect 14% and 21% of Bangalore residents, respectively. But luckily, more and more Bengalurians have come to realise this and are taking effective measures to break the pattern.

Uday Reddemreddy, a Bengaluru intermediate-class biker, chooses to bike for distances as long as 30 kilometres. Trying out a Gro Club bike for the first time, he decided to take it for a short spin and already decided to take it on a ride to the Avalahalli Forest!

Another Gro Club parent, Joel John, makes a claim that brings us all joy!

"Quality and brand new cycle. My 5 year old son loves the cycle ride to school and it’s a good workout for me. The best feature is the subscription plans.”

And what better way to get your life in check than with a bargain as good as Gro Club?

Bengaluru is gro-ing into a better tomorrow. So what’s the wait? Start your new life full of adventure today and be a part of our community with 3000+ active members. Subscribe to Gro Club.