4 Tips on How to Ride Safe With Gro Club

4 Tips on How to Ride Safe With Gro Club

We can all agree that cycling is a fantastic way for kids and adults to stay active and have great fun while at it. Kids have a more fulfilling and memorable childhood experience when spent outdoors.

Whether exploring new trails or simply taking a leisure ride around the neighbourhood, cycling can offer many benefits. However, like any other physical activity, it is essential to teach kids to prioritise their safety before they begin.

Every cyclist must keep their safety in mind, no matter their level of experience. Here are 3 essential measures you can take today and introduce your kid to a safer and more enjoyable ride around the city.

Safety Gear is a must!

Helmet first. It is the first line of defence in case of an accident and an absolute must for all cyclists.

It is necessary to choose a helmet that fits well. This means it should be comfortable and meet the required safety standards. Remember, a helmet can help protect your child from serious head injuries.

It is, hence, a non-skippable step that every kid and adult must learn and practice when hitting the road.

The second line of defence would be to wear protective gear over the body. This includes wearing elbow and knee pads before going out on a ride. However, there is one step that is often missed out by most parents.

Reflective gear is an absolute must when your kids go out riding during late evenings and nights. Cycling during night-time or in low light conditions can be hazardous. To be more visible to motorists and car drivers, put on reflective gear such as a reflective vest, armbands, or a reflective strip over the backpack!

Riding in the dark can still be a dangerous setting for a child. This brings us to the following step:

Light It Up!

This simple step can make a big difference in increasing a cyclist’s visibility on the road.

Teaching kids the importance of using headlights and practising them ourselves is crucial when cycling during night-time. This not only ensures that the path in front of the cyclist is visible but also makes the rider visible to the oncoming traffic.

Also, reflective clothings can also help with visibility when riding after dark.

While these steps are practised for night-time riding, it is also essential to not let your kid stray too far from sight. So accompanying them on their night-time adventure can not only ensure safety but also make for a great bonding time!

Luckily, Gro Club not only offers bicycles on a subscription basis for gro-ing kids but also for adults to exchange their rides annually.

Now add night-time riding with your kid to your daily list of hobbies!

Traffic rules

Before the kids hit the road, teaching them the basic road safety and traffic rules is a must.

Even though they need an adult to accompany them on the road in the beginning of their training, making them learn traffic rules can help in avoiding any mishaps and will make their riding experience safer and better.

Let’s not forget that riding a bicycle isn’t just about fun, it will teach our kids to be more responsible on the road and otherwise. It will make them independent.

Bike Check-Ups

A bicycle is every cyclist’s trusty steed. Regular maintenance becomes crucial to keep it in top condition.

So be sure to keep up with the consistent servicing of bicycles. Check the brakes, gears, tires, and chains regularly to ensure everything is functioning. Doing so will not only ensure safety on the road, but it’ll also enhance the whole riding experience.

Kids are carefree beings. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to anticipate some regular damages on their bikes. However, frequent maintenance and repair charges can be economically challenging.

Don’t worry. We can help with that.

With every subscription, Gro Club offers free service, door-step repair and a lifetime warranty on all faulty mechanical parts!

With this, be sure to save 77% on bicycle costs with us.

Being safe on the road is every parent’s primary concern when it comes to their children. There are not enough measures that we can take for our child’s safety.

So, fellow gro-ers, let’s stay on top of our riding game with top-most protection! We will be sharing more tips on safety very soon. Until then, be sure to keep today’s Gro Club basics in mind.

Reach out to Gro Club for more information on our models, offers, contests, and more! Visit: https://gro.club/

Ride Safe.