Groclub, India’s 1st Circular D2C Kids Subscription Platform, Gets ₹ 4.3 Cr in Funding Led by Ramaiah Evolute

Groclub, India’s 1st Circular D2C Kids Subscription Platform, Gets ₹ 4.3 Cr in Funding Led by Ramaiah Evolute

Gro Club, as the pioneer in India’s Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) kids subscription platform landscape, is delighted to share a significant milestone. Gro Club has recently secured a funding of ₹ 4.3 crores, an achievement that validates our innovative business model and investor faith. Ramaiah Evolute and Capstone Ventures have taken the lead in this round, valuing Gro Club at ₹ 25 crores.

In addition to Ramaiah Evolute, notable investors such as Deepak Gowda of Ascent Capital, Purushotham R, Chirag Shah of Velvet (Los Angeles), Isaac Reyes of Ravis (Panama), Amit Nanavati of Juicy Chemistry, Sanjay Munirathna of Keerthi Group, along with entrepreneurs Dinesh Talera, Shricharan N J, and Sanjay Sunku (Drink Prime), have thrown their weight behind Gro Club. This support signifies industry recognition of our unique value proposition and the potential Gro Club holds for growth.

The vision for Gro Club arose from the personal experiences of co-founders Pruthvi Gowda, Hrishikesh HS, Sapna , and Roopesh Shah. Recognizing the waste generated from kids outgrowing their products at an accelerated pace, these savvy entrepreneurs aimed to establish an innovative solution to combat this challenge.

Gro Club is driving a paradigm shift from the traditional “take-make-dispose” to the more sustainable “reduce-reuse-regenerate” approach. By offering subscription-based products for growing kids, Gro Club allows an upgrade path in sync with children’s growth. The aim here is to disrupt the kids’ space with subscription plans suited for an access economy, effectively reducing parents’ need to keep purchasing products for their kids.

Furthermore, Gro Club has a larger vision that extends beyond the subscription service. We aim to facilitate children’s holistic development by instilling a sense of responsible consumption. As they enjoy novel product experiences, kids are also exposed to a diverse range of digital and outdoor experiences within the Gro Club ecosystem.

Since the launch in January 2022, Gro Club has witnessed a steep growth trajectory in the D2C kids subscription market. Catering to a 25-kilometre radius in Bengaluru, the company has on-boarded roughly 5,000 subscribers in a short span of 16 months. Gro Club has reached profitability, boasting an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of approximately ₹ 2.8 crores.

Our investors resonate with the unique approach of Gro Club. Samartha Raghava, Chief Strategist at Ramaiah Evolute, expressed his excitement about Gro Club’s approach, stating,

“Gro Club is on a mission to disrupt the kids’ space through subscription plans tailor-made for the access economy, meaning parents never need to buy certain products for their kids again. The fact that parents can now subscribe to a product for the period it is useful to their kids itself is a game-changer.”

Deepak Gowda, Partner at Ascent Capital, emphasised the significance of the circular economy and the role Gro Club is playing in advancing responsible consumption. His official statement read:

“The circular economy is a transformative concept, especially in this age of rapid climate change, that promotes responsibility, reuse, and regeneration without compromising consumer experience. Gro Club is disrupting this broken ‘buy and discard economy’ by creating a ‘subscribe and recycle economy,’ ensuring a superior product experience at an affordable price point accessible to all aspiring parents.”

Pruthvi Gowda, the Co-Founder & CEO of Gro Club, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and responsible consumption, saying

“As we tackle climate change, it’s vital to teach our children responsible consumption — ‘reduce-reuse-regenerate.’ Gro Club strives to be a sustainable ecosystem, allowing parents to subscribe and access quality products on fractional ownership. Our goal is to offer top-notch products and create community-driven, enriching experiences for parents and children. With the funds raised, we’ll expand our range and reach new Indian cities.”

Looking ahead, the funds raised will fuel Gro Club’s expansion to reach new cities across India. This will help the company in its mission to offer excellent products and foster a community-driven ecosystem for both parents and children.