How Does Cycling Contribute To Mental Health?

How Does Cycling Contribute To Mental Health?

There’s a plethora of studies that offer solutions for dealing with mental illnesses and maintaining a healthy mind.

Therapy gives us methods to improve our mental health, such as journaling, practising affirmations, and developing grounding skills and it is better to introduce these skills to children from a very young age. More and more parents in India have begun to faithfully follow these steps and add them to their kids’ routines.

But many overlook the most crucial form of therapy for kids: physical exercise.

There is no debate amongst worried parents of this age when it comes to the fact that with the popularity of technology, kids are beginning to lose a childhood filled with outdoor adventures and adrenaline.

Let’s get into one of the easiest and most fun ways to introduce physical exercise into your kids’ lives — Cycling.

Cycling is a fun, low-impact and accessible form of exercise that can help improve children’s mental health in several ways!


It’s about much more than just using your physical strength to move against the wind. Gro Club encourages a cycling culture that pushes everyone to go out there and pedal their way through adventure!

What does that imply?

Think about meditation. You are quiet and alone while letting your thoughts flow.

When we ride a bicycle all by ourselves, it puts us into a similar trance. We ride our way against the wind, simply pedalling and letting our minds go on their journey.

Well, that’s why most of us daydream when travelling alone. The good part about using a cycle to travel is that you are not just moving your legs over the pedals. Your mind also sets on its voyage, where it contemplates not just the world but also your being and experiences.

Hence, cycling is by no doubt, an excellent way to trigger and develop your child’s ability to think innovatively and intuitively.


Life can be stressful at times. Gro Club gets it.

Unfortunately, Bengaluru shows an increase in sleep-related disorders where only 46% of Bengalurians get the regular 7–10 hours of sleep!

Stress easily is one of the major factors that leads to deteriorated mental and physical health. Better sleep helps us relax and tune out of the daily stressors. It is single-handedly responsible for how productive, active and energetic you feel the next day.

Here’s where it becomes crucial to not just introduce ourselves to the sport of cycling but also our kids. The stress we undergo in a day can easily be modelled by our children and may get them to develop a tendency towards a stressful and overwhelming thought process.

Did you know that children who engage in regular physical activity, such as cycling, tend to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energised? These kids have also been subjected to reduced stress levels in comparison to those who have limited physical movement in their lives.

Moreover, cycling leads to improved mood and reduced symptoms of depression as they transition into adolescence.

Imagine this, a long day of adventuring across the city, meeting new people and encountering new experiences. Or whooshing through the wind with your kid. A deep and sound sleep is meant to be at the end of the day!


It’s amazing to see the positive impact that regular physical activity can have on a young person’s mental well-being. Cycling is a wonderful way to foster self-esteem and confidence in children.

Cycling provides an outlet for children to challenge themselves, set goals, and feel proud of their achievements.

Riding a bicycle can give children a sense of independence and freedom that they may not experience in other aspects of their lives. They get to explore the world around them, navigate new environments, and test their limits. This sense of seeking discovery helps to build confidence and resilience in children.

In the long run, it can be a guarantee that your kid is equipped with the skills they need to tackle challenges with a positive attitude and a sense of self-assuredness.

So now you know, as your little one pedals away, they’re building not only physical and mental strength, but also a healthy outlook on life. Whether it’s through the feeling of exploration, or simply the pride of accomplishment, cycling is a wonderful tool for developing happy and healthy kids!


We know physical activity impacts us positively.

Exercise regularly helps reduce depression and anxiety by releasing feel-good endorphins, which are organic brain chemicals that can improve your sense of well-being.

We can all agree that when we are free of physical health issues, it makes our lifestyle far more functional and fulfilling. The idea of being in good shape automatically boosts our mood.

Introducing kids to this concept early on in their lives helps them to grow into healthy and confident individuals.

Regular workouts are effective, but they can become tedious, repetitive, and challenging if you’re just starting. Not to mention, it is even difficult to introduce physical exercise to kids if they have been in a sedentary lifestyle for far too long.

But don’t worry. Here’s a solution that is far more effortless and fun!

Cycling not only pumps out a good amount of endorphins that makes one happy but also takes you through a journey that brings a new experience every time.

So, repetitiveness and tantrums are not something that would be a bother anymore.

Cycling around the city, especially one as beautiful as Namma Bengaluru, makes working out no longer feel like a chore. Instead, exercising becomes a healthy and fun habit that will be taken seriously even into adulthood!

Gro Club offers the best bargain on your active and fit transit. Cycles can be upgraded as your kid grows!

Bengaluru is gro-ing towards a better tomorrow by acknowledging the importance of mental health. Reach out to us if you’re up for the ride to a more positive and healthy life.