Subscription- The Future of Urban Cycling

Subscription- The Future of Urban Cycling

For a long time, cycling has been deemed a critical step toward a greener future. Countries across the world are encouraging citizens and tourists to use bikes for traveling. India hasn’t been far behind either, with Nitin Gadkari (Union Minister) declaring that National Highways will feature cycle-ways (cycle lanes) in regions where they reach cities, supporting a healthy, pollution-free, and cost-effective mode of transportation in the country.

The Tender SURE project by Bengaluru City is one such thoughtful initiative that aims to help reduce private car usage and encourage active modes of transport around the city. The initiative hopes to inculcate mindful patterns among citizens, therefore enabling a better environment for all. Ever since the pandemic, people have been opting for bicycles to meet health goals and adopt a sustainable way of life. This was indeed a nirvana moment amid a crisis — the start of a worldwide cycle of change.

Cycling has gained popularity as an acceptable alternative mode of transportation that is reliable, fast, and great for the future. It is a no-brainer that cycling has many health benefits, and with awareness increasing by the day, the demand for bicycles is about to increase exponentially over the next few years. But let’s face it, great bicycles are expensive, and when adding to a green cause, it seems counterintuitive to buy a cycle.

With the growing demand, sustainable concepts like bicycle subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. The hassle-free and cost-effective nature of bicycle subscription plans make them a sustainable, effective, and financially viable solution for cycling enthusiasts.

Bicycle subscriptions are an eco-friendly model and the future of urban cycling.

Bicycle subscription plans have many advantages. From being light on the pocket to light on the environment, they tick all the right boxes. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a bicycle subscription service

HASSLE-FREE: Convenience is king, and bicycle subscription plans are all about convenience! With an active subscription plan, you can reap all the benefits of owning a bicycle without actually owning a bicycle. You can get your hands on a model of your choice, have it upgraded as per your liking, and cycle away to glory without having to worry about the issues such as maintenance and resale value.

COST EFFECTIVE: Owning a cycle comes at a cost, especially if you want to opt for an advanced model. Subscription models offer a better deal compared to buying a bicycle as there are no upfront investments. If you happen to change your mind, it’s easier to move on to a different product without incurring heavy losses.

If you are getting a bicycle for kids, you will need to buy a bicycle every year, as they keep outgrowing them often. A subscription is a very cost-effective model to provide kids with the best cycling experience.

CONVENIENT MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: As a part of the subscription plan, service providers offer convenient doorstep maintenance and repair services. These timely repairs save time and reduce the hassle as experts fine-tune the bicycles for optimal performance.

With the millennials expecting more than a transactional relationship from their bargains, the subscription model is becoming the new normal. The change has begun and it’s a transition we expect to be complete by the end of the decade.

Bicycle subscription plans are a great alternative to one-time purchases making for the ideal solution for your pocket and the planet! As the city population continues to swell, they also seem to be the ideal solution to the issue of urban mobility.

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