When You Subscribe To Gro Club, You Are Committing To A Better Lifestyle

When You Subscribe To Gro Club, You Are Committing To A Better Lifestyle

For a lot of people, the idea of clocking in a few hours each week on a cycle might seem like a herculean task. We all know the benefits of cycling, but when it comes down to actually incorporating that into your daily life, it is a lot harder. But the truth is, the minute you start doing this, you are invariably agreeing to a better lifestyle. For those who aren’t ready to commit to regular cycling, trying subscription based cycling service such as Gro Club can work in your favour — it allows you to test the waters, make smaller goals, taking small steps till you form a habit.

Here’s how you are committing to a better lifestyle with Gro Club:

It’s A Great Form Of Exercise

When you choose to cycle for a few hours each week, you’re basically doing what the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has asked you to do — incorporate 150 minutes of moderate to healthy physical activity each week to stay healthy! Cycling is a great way to increase your flexibility and health, while targeting muscular strength too.

It Can Boost Mental Health

Did you know that a good, moderate to high intensity cycling session boosts the production of endorphins in your body? Now endorphins are exactly the hormones you need to eliminate anxiety and depression. Mental health experts always talk about the benefits of exercise on mental health, and cycling can be a great way to get your mind reeling positively!

Boast Of Better Balance And Coordination

Most of us remember our first time learning cycling — it seemed almost impossible to balance. But once you’ve learned how to cycle, you tend to improve your balancing abilities. When you ride outdoors, your body is required to balance and coordinate according to the terrain, all of which stabilizes your core.

Maintain Optimal Weight

If you’re looking to lose weight or stay in shape, cycling could be just what you need. It allows you to enjoy cardio, and works on your lower body and core. Combining cycling with a healthy and balanced diet can do wonders in helping you stay in shape.

Do It For The Planet

Committing to a better lifestyle does not end with just you…it also means doing your part in protecting the only earth we have. When you choose to cycle, you also choose a greener mode of transport. Making the conscious decision to cycle to work or to cycling to run errands can make a huge difference in lowering the carbon footprint.

Setting The Right Precedent

When you decide to make cycling a part of your life, you tend to set the right precedent for the people around you. This is especially true if your have kids, nieces, or nephews. You could teach them the importance of cycling for health and the environment. By practicing what you preach, you also motivate them to follow in your footsteps.

Why Buy, When You Can Subscribe?

We know (and fully agree) that cycles are fun, eco-friendly, and a great addition for a healthier lifestyle. But every time you buy a cycle, you tend to use it for a few years before discarding it. In other words, you add to the already enormous bundle of waste. This is especially true when you buy a cycle for kids. We’ve been witness to old cycles thrown aside once children have outgrown them: not a pretty sight, and such a waste! So, instead of buying a cycle, subscribe to one instead.

Gro Club offers bicycle on subscription for kids which they can exchange as they Grow! Visit gro.club to try it out for yourself and ride towards a greener future.